Here’s the sad thing about this whole abortion issue going on right now

Posted By: The Thrill
Date: Wednesday 15 May 2019, at 12:25 pm
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These new laws are nothing more then posturing to be fought and run up the judicial system to the supreme court where intentions of overturning Roe versus Wade are ultimately met. This has very little to do with women’s rights. This has everything to do with money. I’ve always said if you have a question about something follow the money. Well you might ask where is the money involved with abortions?

The Republican model is to throw more people at Business to promote growth and more money. Less people means less opportunity for growth. Republicans view abortions as ultimately less people in the system. I can’t tell you how many manager meetings I’ve been a part of where I hear the comment just work him hard until they quit I will hire somebody else that looks just like them. That’s the production world mentality and having less people really hurts that Business model.

Which confuses me about immigration and open borders, you would think a republican would love having more people flooding our country willing to work and get paid near nothing. So don’t let any Republican fool you and tell you they’re worried about the little babies, they’re worried about future employees and the growth of their business.
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