I'm almost always using "church" in debate to refer to any religious institution, so I assume that's the case here. I understand how it can be muddy, since it is technically a biblical term, so I apologize for any confusion.

Posted By: 480ute
Date: Wednesday 15 May 2019, at 08:03 am
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For me, it's easier than naming all possible religions, as I see all faiths as equal when it comes to the rule of law (the establishment clause is incredibly important). Like I've told you before, I tend to criticize christians more often than other religions, but only because our lives (in America) are more directly affected by faith based legislation pushed by the religious right than by actions taken by any other group. That doesn't mean any other religion gets a pass in any sense.

I totally get what you're saying with regard to identity politics and religion. For some reason, many on the left have no problem ridiculing christians, but if you even begin to mention islamic beliefs you're immediately labeled a bigot. That is infuriating, and completely counterproductive.

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