Gender actually isn't that clear cut..

Posted By: BadBadUte
Date: Wednesday 15 May 2019, at 07:21 am
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You think it is because you were born with the bits that make a male, its comfortable... Infact most of us are either male or female at least biologically speaking. But there is a much larger segment of the population that is both. Some will show exterior signs i.e a hermaphrodite.. But most will not, where you would find most of the differing issues is in hormones. There are some that have male genitals but there hormones are much more estrogen heavy. These would be the kids that other kids would call Boobie Boy. The girls that have female bits but ride heavily on the testosterone train. I.E the Freak or Amazon with the huge muscles and moustache.

That is LITERALLY 3 of the hundreds of ways that gender is not a cut and dry case.

So Bill Nye when he is speaking on this issue IS taking a scientific approach when he says Nature isnt that simple.

But yea.
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