Kragthorpe has a failed attempt at ranking Utah's Football games next season:

Posted By: Rocker Ute
Date: Monday 13 May 2019, at 03:47 pm
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First of all, I want to beat BYU, in fact I never want to lose to them again, but to create a factor of 'intrigue' so you can falsely prop up the importance of that game is just ridiculous. The BYU game matters only as much as our other two pre-conference games in that it'll be a major embarrassment if we lose to them and a severe warning sign that we are not in good shape at all for contending for the PAC-12 South title.

So, anything that has BYU in the top 5 will immediately invalidate the seriousness of what you are writing. The game has no bearing on our season at large, and becomes less interesting each passing year. Plus, it is impossible to rank them as a better team than Cal and even Oregon St.

Kragthorpe putting BYU ahead of Wazzu given our recent history with Wazzu is also completely ridiculous - the pirate is going to come and play and their offense always gives our defense fits. Finally, I'd put Washington way ahead of USC as far as importance goes, considering what I think those two teams will be respectively. So here is my ranking from least to most important games:

12 - Idaho St
11 - Illinois St
10 - BYU
9. Oregon St
8. Cal
7. Arizona
6. Colorado
3 tied. USC (and just because it is USC and that is an easy game to get up about)
3 tied. Wazzu
2. Arizona St
1. Washington

What are your thoughts?
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