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Another liberal lie. Many

Posted By: UTE BC
Date: Friday, May 10, 2019 at 09:43 am

So who's tops? Surprisingly, Norway is, with an outlier mass shooting death rate of 1.888 per million (high no doubt because of the rifle assault by political extremist Anders Brevik that claimed 77 lives in 2011). No. 2 is Serbia, at just 0.381, followed by France at 0.347, Macedonia at 0.337, and Albania at 0.206. Slovakia, Finland, Belgium, and Czech Republic all follow. Then comes the U.S., at No. 11, with a death rate of 0.089.

That's not all. There were also 27% more casualties from 2009 to 2015 per mass shooting incident in the European Union than in the U.S.

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Messages In This Thread

jhill icon NEW: There's hope for our youth yet.
jhill - Top 25 Poster -- Thursday 9 May 2019, at 05:46 pm [ID# 1946542] [reply]
TheRealU icon NEW: I miss the thumbs down button
TheRealU - -- Thursday 9 May 2019, at 05:54 pm [ID# 1946544] [reply]
jhill icon NEW: Yeah because it's just awesome to hijack a vigil for your political gain. (nm)
jhill - Top 25 Poster -- Thursday 9 May 2019, at 05:57 pm [ID# 1946546] [reply]
MinnesotaUte icon NEW: We do have issues, that are different than the rest of the world that I think do play a role. (long)
MinnesotaUte - -- Thursday 9 May 2019, at 06:39 pm [ID# 1946554] [reply]
480ute icon NEW: The difference is that we are doing some things to fix societal issues. Many bills have been passed to try to combat the rise of disaffected youth, including the prison reform bill Trump signed a while back.
480ute - -- Thursday 9 May 2019, at 08:13 pm [ID# 1946557] [reply]
jhill icon NEW: Completely full of $#!+ as usual when it comes to party lines.
jhill - Top 25 Poster -- Thursday 9 May 2019, at 08:24 pm [ID# 1946558] [reply]
480ute icon NEW: I shouldn't bother responding since you don't even attempt to hide your disingenuous bull$#!+ (you know that I'm not a Democrat). Why would anybody believe you if you lie so openly?
480ute - -- Thursday 9 May 2019, at 09:09 pm [ID# 1946560] [reply]
Zeous icon NEW: Banning alcohol certainly achieved all the expected outcomes in the prohibition era. Banning marijuana achieved the same, and zero of the hideous effects described in "Reefer Madness" have happened in America since it was banned. Huzzah!
Zeous - -- Thursday 9 May 2019, at 09:13 pm [ID# 1946561] [reply]
480ute icon NEW: I wasn't arguing for banning guns so you're just giving your fingers some exercise.
480ute - -- Thursday 9 May 2019, at 09:23 pm [ID# 1946562] [reply]
Zeous icon NEW: Clearly you should have been. It is the only reasonable option. All the evidence shows it to be so. (nm)
Zeous - -- Thursday 9 May 2019, at 10:00 pm [ID# 1946566] [reply]
480ute icon NEW: I believe that it would greatly reduce gun violence, given enough time, but we're not at a point where that's a viable option so it's not really worth debating.
480ute - -- Friday 10 May 2019, at 06:44 am [ID# 1946574] [reply]
TheRealU icon NEW: Not talking about an all out ban on guns. But if you don't believe that easy access to guns is part of the problem, than I worry about your mental capacity.
TheRealU - -- Friday 10 May 2019, at 10:21 am [ID# 1946592] [reply]
Zeous icon NEW: I'd wager alcohol is behind far more deaths than guns, including all the wars where guns have been involved. However, I don't feel like researching it so if you want to I'd read what you can find. That said. vehicles are even easier to access than
Zeous - -- Friday 10 May 2019, at 10:20 pm [ID# 1946632] [reply]
480ute icon NEW: Still equating guns and cars?
480ute - -- Saturday 11 May 2019, at 09:23 am [ID# 1946635] [reply]
UtahFanSir icon NEW: Personally, I don't think anyone is trying to take away our rights to gun ownership... (long)
UtahFanSir - -- Friday 10 May 2019, at 11:39 am [ID# 1946597] [reply]
UTE BC icon NEW: Also funny how your premise is an outright lie (nm)
UTE BC - -- Thursday 9 May 2019, at 10:05 pm [ID# 1946567] [reply]
Newbomb Turk icon NEW: Really? What other industrialized countries have more mass shootings than us? (nm)
Newbomb Turk - Top 25 Poster -- Friday 10 May 2019, at 09:17 am [ID# 1946579] [reply]
UTE BC icon NEW: Another liberal lie. Many
UTE BC - -- Friday 10 May 2019, at 09:43 am [ID# 1946586] [reply]
TheRealU icon NEW: For #%!@s sake
TheRealU - -- Friday 10 May 2019, at 10:05 am [ID# 1946589] [reply]
UTE BC icon NEW: Why shouldn't population be considered? Seems to me that is the only right way to do it.
UTE BC - -- Friday 10 May 2019, at 11:11 am [ID# 1946594] [reply]
TheRealU icon NEW: Perfect - let's take a country who has had one mass shooting in a decade so that we can pretend that the US doesn't have a gun problem.
TheRealU - -- Friday 10 May 2019, at 11:53 am [ID# 1946599] [reply]
480ute icon NEW: There are some pretty glaring problems with that study.
480ute - -- Friday 10 May 2019, at 10:06 am [ID# 1946590] [reply]
Newbomb Turk icon NEW: More of your liberal lies...... (nm)
Newbomb Turk - Top 25 Poster -- Friday 10 May 2019, at 10:16 am [ID# 1946591] [reply]
UTE BC icon NEW: I'm not convinced there are problems with the study.
UTE BC - -- Friday 10 May 2019, at 11:12 am [ID# 1946595] [reply]
480ute icon NEW: I'm not saying per capita statistics are irrelevant. I'm saying that mass shootings are an anomaly in those countries, but a common occurrence here.
480ute - -- Friday 10 May 2019, at 01:17 pm [ID# 1946609] [reply]
Puget Ute icon NEW: Cool. Then can we count on your support for universal healthcare, including mental health? (nm)
Puget Ute - -- Thursday 9 May 2019, at 05:56 pm [ID# 1946545] [reply]
SforkUte icon NEW: Aren’t you doing the same thing with this post? (nm)
SforkUte - -- Thursday 9 May 2019, at 05:58 pm [ID# 1946547] [reply]
480ute icon NEW: Why can't we address the mental health aspect AND gun control? (nm)
480ute - -- Thursday 9 May 2019, at 06:01 pm [ID# 1946549] [reply]
480ute icon NEW: That liberal rag that you outed for their clear liberal bias earlier today is back at it again.
480ute - -- Thursday 9 May 2019, at 06:22 pm [ID# 1946552] [reply]
tarheelio icon NEW: It is really hard to tell which side is worse about trying to capitalize on tragedies like this. Easy access to guns is definitely part of the problem. But why didn't we have all these shootings before the assault weapons ban in the 90's?
tarheelio - -- Thursday 9 May 2019, at 06:58 pm [ID# 1946555] [reply]
o NEW: Unfortunately, still none for you. (nm)
AbsolUTE UTE - -- Thursday 9 May 2019, at 09:50 pm [ID# 1946563] [reply]
tarheelio icon NEW: ? (nm)
tarheelio - -- Friday 10 May 2019, at 10:50 am [ID# 1946593] [reply]
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