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tory swine

Posted By: pangloss
Date: Wednesday, May 8, 2019 at 01:05 pm

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jhill icon NEW: We have a new Royal baby and you all are talking about sports and politics? SMH (nm)
jhill - Top 25 Poster -- Wednesday 8 May 2019, at 01:00 pm [ID# 1946431] [reply]
pangloss icon NEW: tory swine
pangloss - -- Wednesday 8 May 2019, at 01:05 pm [ID# 1946433] [reply]
480ute icon NEW: I'll never understand celebrity culture, but our fascination with British royalty really perplexes me. (nm)
480ute - -- Wednesday 8 May 2019, at 02:53 pm [ID# 1946437] [reply]
GUBA icon NEW: Same reason why people watch the Kardashians or any other reality show of the same ilk. Plus there is the added factor of an American who married her real life Prince. (nm)
GUBA - -- Wednesday 8 May 2019, at 03:43 pm [ID# 1946444] [reply]
Zeous icon NEW: It's not "our" fascination. It is corporate media's. I know it is easy to mistake theirs as ours, but the distinction is important. So many modern problems are tied into this. (nm)
Zeous - -- Wednesday 8 May 2019, at 05:17 pm [ID# 1946449] [reply]
480ute icon NEW: Is this part of another grand command and conquer strategy?
480ute - -- Wednesday 8 May 2019, at 05:35 pm [ID# 1946450] [reply]
Zeous icon NEW: Politics are downstream from culture. What is culture but the cultivation of the minds that inhabit any particular society? What are the tools used to cultivate minds and shape culture?
Zeous - -- Wednesday 8 May 2019, at 11:05 pm [ID# 1946492] [reply]
480ute icon NEW: Thing is, we live in a much different world now, one where hiding nefarious actions or cabal type conspiracies is nearly impossible.
480ute - -- Thursday 9 May 2019, at 09:06 am [ID# 1946505] [reply]
Utahraptor icon NEW: The British royalty are the undeserving decedents of the thugs, scoundrels, thieves, and gangsters that muscled their way into power by treachery, murder and force of arms.
Utahraptor - -- Wednesday 8 May 2019, at 07:23 pm [ID# 1946457] [reply]
The Thrill icon NEW: You’re correct. Amy Schumer is royalty and must be discussed (nm)
The Thrill - Top 25 Poster -- Wednesday 8 May 2019, at 03:40 pm [ID# 1946443] [reply]
480ute icon NEW: Queen of the joke thieves maybe.
480ute - -- Wednesday 8 May 2019, at 05:43 pm [ID# 1946451] [reply]
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