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Date: Monday 15 April 2019, at 11:01 am
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... meant to post this Friday - A great old photo of the U of U campus, ca 1920's, showing the final version of Cumming's Field. After a record crowd attended a Utah vs. Utah State Thanksgiving game in 1926, Cummings Field, was replaced by a newer, larger, and north-south oriented Redskin Stadium, in the block south of Cumming's Field. The field house was later constructed on the south end of what had been Cumming's Field.

In this photo, you can see:
- President's Circle, when it was actually a circle.
- behind the campus to the east, the abandoned railroad grade that had originally worked its way from the ninth and ninth area, up the bench, around Reservoir Park, and out to Fort Douglas,
- the smoke stack from the original heating plant that was located at first south and University street.
- a few of the large homes on the north side of 1st south, that are now frat houses.
- an uncovered reservoir, which is now covered, and moved slightly east of Rice-Eccles Stadium.
- the uncovered reservoir that sits at the northeast corner of the Mount Olivet Cemetery, and the diversion ditch that travels from Red Butte Creek, though the north end of Sunnyside Park to fill it.
- to the south, you can see some of the new homes in the Harvard-Yale and Douglas Park neighborhoods, as well as a short stretch of 15th east with its street car poles as it works its way to the State Penitentiary, located at current day Sugarhouse Park. Look carefully, and you’ll the see the newly constructed Uinta School at 13th South and 15th East.

https://collections.lib.utah.edu/ark:/872 78/s68d09d7

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