RE: So how many of our supposed “Larry’s guys” do we lose? How many new “Larry’s guys” do we pick up before we do this all again next season?

Posted By: Charlie
Date: Friday 15 March 2019, at 10:33 am
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I am not so panicked. I expect the new guys this year to stay. I wondered if Thioune could have helped but Larry redshirted two for next year. The year before class had two missionaries, now coming back. Carlson in particular should help. Daniels and Hendrix leaving took the second best out of two classes, I have no idea who is at fault. Those classes in the 40s. Next years class is in the 30s and the year following is looking good. I think we have an open scholarship still for next year.

I want to win the conference. I feel our arrow is pointing up and favor continuing that to the unknown of a costly coaching turnover and ending up picking after Arizona. That scenario has more likelihood of decline than improvement, particularly in the short run. I just don’t see the need for 7 or 8 teams in the league to hit reset that is the number behind us.

Not long ago the conference could count on sending the top 5 or 6 to the dance. We collectively need to improve our rep. At one time, playing good down the stretch helped, it seems like the OCC at the start of the season is much more important now, impacting teams that improve through the year.
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