I call BS on Wright and Daniels not being tough enough. Chapman, maybe. If they were not willing/able to adapt to Larry's coaching style, that is Larry's fault for not recognizing it during the recruiting process. I don't think Mawein,

Posted By: UTEopia
Date: Friday 15 March 2019, at 10:07 am

Doutrive or the skinny kid who transferred to Fresno St. lack toughness. I hope Larry has figured out how to recognize the kids who can handle his coaching and the kids who cannot. If not, history will continue to repeat itself and we will continue to be an overachieving team that is not talented enough to make the NCAA tourney.

The Utes exceeded my expectations for this season based on what I perceived was the talent level going in. Every player who played significant minutes greatly improved sfrom the beginning of the season. The team as a whole improved from those early season losses to Hawaii and Northwestern.

Ii fully expect there to be more transfers this season. It is apparent that Larry does too, as they are still recruiting and making offers. I suspect it will be guys who have not seen much playing time. If it is one of the key contributors, I am ready for a change of the head coach.

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