Larry had some damn good talent in some of those years too, still couldn't beat Altman.

Posted By: loyter
Date: Thursday 14 March 2019, at 11:59 pm
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I also think he needs to re-evaluate his relationship with the refs. I don't doubt for one minute that he pisses them off and then they find ways to get back at him with fouls at opportune times. That foul against Jayce that set him off, for example. The outside ref, who couldn't see the play made the call, then was facing the other way when Larry smacked a cup, and turned around and gave Larry the T. It's like that ref was waiting for an opportunity. (I'm not saying Larry didn't deserve it)

Also, I've never understood how a team can press and reach and swat at players all game and not get every one of their players in foul trouble.

Anyway, the original point is that Dana Altman owns Larry. Personally, I think he always will. He's a good coach and Larry is an ok coach.

Good thing I don't have to decide tonight whether I'm renewing my season tickets next year.
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