Want to start a fight...ask two flat earthers to explain other planets.

Posted By: UTAuley
Date: Thursday 14 March 2019, at 05:07 pm
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Odds are they won't agree as some believe other planets (or exo-earths) don't exist and are just part of the displays on the dome covering the Earth.

Others believe that some are spheres and others are discs like the Earth.

Still others claim that they are simply closer to us than the stars, as evidenced by their size, but that they are simply other types of space debris.

One of my former colleagues is a flat earther (I'm told he is in the conference scene towards the end of the documentary, but couldn't find him myself) and I recall him previously stating that he believed the earth isn't actually a planet, as planets are "wandering stars" and since the Earth is the center of the galaxy and the sun and planets revolve around it, the fact that planets may be round doesn't mean that the unique celestial body that is the Earth would be round either. So not only does he think the earth is flat, he still thinks the galaxy revolves around the earth and not the sun.

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