I would also add that I think I am probably a bigger fan of rule of law than even you are, and because of that, my perspective is different in this way:

Posted By: MinnesotaUte
Date: Thursday 14 March 2019, at 02:58 pm

Because I believe that rule of law is ESSENTIAL to freedom and prosperity, I never stop at just looking for how and by who the law was violated. Instead, I am obsessed with looking at the law itself. Is it just? Is it practical? Is it enforceable? What are the consequences of application and enforcement? What are the ultimate goals and results? Stuff like that.

That's why Rocker is wrong, I probably am EXACTLY the person you want teaching your ethics class, because whether you agree with me or not, and many of you obviously don't. One thing I pride myself on is learning, studying, listening.

It's why I prod for responses, because I want to challenge myself to consider others ideas and think them through and rebut them if I can. I suppose it's why I make some people tired...

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