I can work with that...

Posted By: MinnesotaUte
Date: Thursday 14 March 2019, at 02:34 pm

Again, as I said above, I'm not excusing them. Cheating is cheating, and I'm not saying that they shouldn't be punished. They broke the law, committed fraud, fine, prosecute them.

What I am saying is that, in a lot of ways, this is kind of like selling pot. It's against the law in most states, but a majority agree now that it shouldn't be. In some states it isn't. But in most states it still is and if you get caught you will be prosecuted. I would contend that IF pay to play in colleges was legal, at the end of the day, it wouldn't really change anything other than put this money into the university instead of the crooks. So in a way, we are kind of making it illegal so we can punish people like this, and directing this money into the black market. Not because we are protecting some ideal, because the ideal that we are protecting doesn't exist anyway.

And you are misrepresenting what I'm saying by saying they are 'motivated by class envy', I said they are eager to exploit it. If you don't believe that is true, you are really crazy. But then again, I shouldn't be surprised because the way the second and third sentence of that paragraph read, you are their target audience.

I don't disagree with you on Bernie, but that is a wholly different thing. You can not for one second compare the two. Bernie stole other peoples money, and $#!+ tons of it. These people spent their own money. They spent it in a crooked way, and perhaps you can say the 'stole' a spot for their kid through spending their money. But the reality is the thing they 'stole' is worth a mere fraction of what they spent to get it, so to some extent the joke is on them.

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