FFSake nobody here is against people being rich. They are against said rich people using their money to #%!@ over others. Aside from that it said rich person kid is too stupid to pass the admissions test on his her own should they even be in

Posted By: FlyfishingUte
Date: Thursday 14 March 2019, at 12:54 pm
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School? I went to school with several people that if they had.not inherited the family business they would likely be working the drive through somewhere.

Nobody here is against wealth. Some of us are opposed to people using their wealth to #%!@ over others. That's the part you don't seem to be getting

The people accused in the situation are the same ones whom promote the good ol boy network If they are convicted they deserve whatever punishment they get. It seems to me people are fed up with whomever has the gold makes the rules

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