It sucks that the deck is now firmly stacked against the white middle class kid.

Posted By: Maji Man
Date: Thursday 14 March 2019, at 11:11 am
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The disadvantaged and minorities have all kinds of exceptions and special programs now. Even some for white women (in STEM majors). The wealthy make their donations and use their connections to get exceptions. Athletes get exceptions and all kinds of extra help and access to computer labs and things the average Joe can't touch.

That said if a kid really is smart and hard working they can get into solid state schools, get a degree and make a good career; you don't have to go to USC or Stanford to succeed.

My uncle has an upper-level management position in a large company in Silicon Valley; a few years ago when his very bright son and daughter were shopping for schools I was visting them and asked if they were considering Stanford (less than 2 miles from his house) -- he chuckled and said, no, he didn't have the pull to do it, and not sure if he wanted his kids going there, anyway. He implied it was kind of elitist.
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