I'm amazed by how triggered some of you are because people are willing to pay to get their kids into universities.

Posted By: MinnesotaUte
Date: Thursday 14 March 2019, at 09:52 am
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I posted this recipe early yesterday, but it was either buried, disregarded, or ignored because there was no response.
Step 1) Take something that shouldn't be illegal, in this case paying to get your kids into school of your choice. Which incidentally is not illegal, but it it takes buying a library rather than just donating a couple of extra 100k. So instead you give the couple 100k to a person who can sell you something that shouldn't be illegal, aka a criminal.

Step 2) Take a bloated bureaucracy in a highly subsidized institution full of perverse incentives and solutions in search of problems.

Step 3) Take a federal agency sticking it's nose into something they know will make a big splash while spending a ton of tax payer dollars.

Step 4) Take the head criminal, offer him a nice plea deal in order to turn him so that they can sweep up all the big stars that make the big splash.

Step 5) Layer on a mainstream press desperate for relevance and eager to exploit the natural base emotion of class envy.

Presto... It's what everyone is talking about, but it will be long forgotten in another month. And guess what, if doesn't matter one smidge in the grand scheme. So 50 or so upper middle class kids didn't get a spot in an elite school because some higher upper middle class kid paid some seedy individuals to secure that spot. All the while the very thing they are buying isn't nearly worth the price even the legitimate people are paying, illegal payments aside. College in 21st century is a JOKE.

Now I see folks are crabbing even about the legal donations that buy access. I absolutely can't believe that anyone would be against the admission of a donors kid, let alone a major donor that contributes whole buildings. I'd be the first one to say that there are probably a lot more altruistic causes to which you can donate your wealth. Nevertheless an admission slot in return for hundreds of thousands up to millions of dollars of donations to an institution seems like a pretty smart trade for the college and the other students. And far better than pushing that would be donation into the pockets of criminal brokers and corrupt staff/officials.

The real conclusion here seems to me to be that we are against anyone being rich, not that we are against what they do with their money. Because the assumption that all college admissions should be 'fair' firstly never existed, but secondly really went out the window as soon as we started applying preferences for various groups.

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