Interesting interview. I'm sharing in spite of a predictable response from many here, because I think some others may enjoy. And because pro-tolerance and open-mindedness.

Posted By: Zeous
Date: Monday 11 February 2019, at 09:56 pm

Politics seemed the "safer" category, even though it's mostly about journalism.

Is TLDW the equivalent for video? Anyway, some things I found interesting:

* Supposedly Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn of "The Gulag Archipelago" fame claimed in a Harvard address that the media has more power than all three branches of the government combined. Not sure if this claim is properly attributed or not, but an interesting assertion regardless, because...

* Politics are downstream of an informed population and most people get their information from the media. This assertion rings true by itself, regardless of Solzhenitsyn's supposed claim above.

* Andrew Breitbart taught him that politics are downstream of an informed population, who was his "mentor". And he claims Breitbart's mentors were Arianna Huffington and Matt Drudge. Not that this matters much, but interesting. (Yes, I know, another triggering red flag for many here who find it easier to trust authorities than to do their own thinking)

* Believes video recordings are more transparent and a higher standard than anonymous sources referenced by many stories, because subjects speak for themselves and there's no evidence offered at all that an anonymous source even exists much less says what they supposedly said. This is true.

* Thinks most mainstream media isn't quality (or investigative) journalism anymore because it is mostly opinion and very little raw information, so his strategy is to share raw information

* Believes deceiving a subject is standard practice in journalism (i.e. what Project Veritas does undercover or how NYT writers get sources to trust them to get quotes/info), but the truth must be told to the audience. Does he doctor videos though...

* Believes raw information to the public is better than watered-down opinion, labeled "responsible journalism", which implies the public are children who can't handle raw information

* Says one of their big targets currently is Silicon Valley

* Recruiting of people willing to go undercover is interesting, no paraphrasing, just watch if interested

* Quoted Saul Alinsky about pushing a negative so hard it breaks through its counter side... not familiar with that concept, but interesting that a "right-winger" would study Alinsky. Plus it sounds like an interesting concept for further research.
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