i know people that do it now, they think they are saving on the mark up, getting stronger beer, buying it cheaper, some buy smokes and they are cheaper,

Posted By: FlyfishingUte
Date: Monday 11 February 2019, at 08:37 pm
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and in their mind they are sticking it to Utah. I don't indulge enough to make it worth the trip but there's plenty of people that think it's worth the trip if they go to wyoming they can play the lotto, nevada they can gamble and now buy marijuana

the state liquor stores have already said they don't have the capacity to handle the volume even if the local brewers could replace it.

regarding the ballot initiative see prop 2 and 3 and I imagine they will gut 4

these people think they are untouchable, and many are, especially in rural areas. they run unopposed. gerrymandering has paid off for them.

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