Roughly, yes. 3.2% Alcohol By Weight is roughly 4.0% Alcohol By Volume. Most distilleries measure by volume and the default is 4.2%. So Utah's "near beer" is basically .2% less alcohol than an identical bottle sold in 47 other states.

Posted By: UTAuley
Date: Monday 11 February 2019, at 04:47 pm

Kansas & Minnesota are the only other states that still have rules on the books, effectively. Missouri has one where it states "non-intoxicating beers" can be sold only to adults, but since intoxicating beers, i.e. everything else, can also be sold only to adults, so not a lot of adults are buying the near beers in Missouri.

Oklahoma's law change which kind of jump-started all of this is that previously, everything over 3.2% had to be sold in a liquor store and could not be sold refrigerated (68 Degrees maximum). They got rid of that last year, went into effect January 1 of this year. So now full 4.2% ABV beers can be sold in grocery stores (and served chilled) in OK. As my other post mentions, OK was more than 50% of the 3.2% consumption, so with more than half the consumers moving on, it's no longer cost effective for any of the brewers to make 3.2% by weight.
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