Not much they can do about it, really. This is an attempt to get in front of the beer industry who has stated they'll no longer make 3.2% ABW beer, after Oklahoma changed their laws.

Posted By: UTAuley
Date: Monday 11 February 2019, at 04:37 pm

Oklahoma was something like 54% of 3.2% ABW beer consumption, so with a loss of more than half of their base, the distilleries started phasing out the 3.2% beer. Many of them have now stopped, so what you're seeing in the Utah grocery stores is mostly "old" beer, aside from the few breweries that still make it. By the end of the year (not sure when Colorado's law goes into effect), Colorado will also completely phase out of the 3.2% ABW, which is another large chunk of the consumer base. So likely by 2020, no 3.2% ABW beer will be being made, or at least not cost effectively. So either Utah goes into a self-imposed prohibition and pisses off every grocery store chain in America, or the legislature passes a sensible law for once.
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