My Honest Opinion on The Puka Circus

Posted By: Dnquixote
Date: Monday 11 February 2019, at 12:47 pm
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His ceiling is a mile high. He could be dynamite right from the start and I wish he was coming to Utah and I think he will be awesome.

However -

All of the circus surrounding his commitment, including his decision to commit to UW on KSL, was a real turnoff as a fan. It's like announcing your engagement to your new girlfriend at your ex's dinner party.

We have all seen it happen 100 times where an elite talent buys into their own hype and ends us either washing out or just never living up to the hype.

Just don't be surprised if there are rumors of drama coming out of UW next year & beyond. I don't wish it on him, but I do wish it on Washington.
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