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At least BC will jump into debates, when he's not busy trolling.

Posted By: 480ute
Date: Monday, February 11, 2019 at 12:20 pm

You refuse to defend your political stances, but still feel the need to start threads for no other reason than to provoke. You were always such a tough guy when it came to offering to physically fight people here, but when it comes to taking a stand you're such a wuss.

Y'all whine about this place being a liberal circle jerk, but all you guys offer are lies, arbitrary stats, and trolling posts. You get your asses kicked by facts on every political thread, but it doesn't dissuade you from pushing bull$#!+. If only you were so hardheaded when it comes to truth.

I got three or four messages yesterday telling me to just ignore you guys, but we can't ignore bull$#!+ when it's being peddled at such a crazy rate. I finally gave in and started mixing it up with friends, family, and coworkers, because some things are more important than casual relationships. I wish you guys realized just how much damage you're doing.

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Messages In This Thread

midnightversion icon NEW: Michelle Obama's appearance at the Grammys last night was just what I needed to see.
midnightversion - -- Monday 11 February 2019, at 11:24 am [ID# 1939217] [reply]
480ute icon NEW: At least BC will jump into debates, when he's not busy trolling.
480ute - -- Monday 11 February 2019, at 12:20 pm [ID# 1939225] [reply]
o NEW: The dude believes the Qanon deep state, Mueller and trump are working together the bring down the Obamas and Clintons.
UteBrave - -- Monday 11 February 2019, at 12:51 pm [ID# 1939231] [reply]
jhill icon NEW: When he and his buddies start identifying as poptarts, mermaids and ocktosexuals instead of males and females then you can start worring about him. (nm)
jhill - Top 25 Poster -- Monday 11 February 2019, at 12:58 pm [ID# 1939232] [reply]
o NEW: I actually think I would finally respect you guys when that happens. (short)
UteBrave - -- Monday 11 February 2019, at 01:08 pm [ID# 1939235] [reply]
Zeous icon NEW: Interesting criteria you have for resolving contradictions. It's flawed, by the way.
Zeous - -- Monday 11 February 2019, at 07:21 pm [ID# 1939283] [reply]
midnightversion icon NEW: Uncheck the politics category if you don't like it. (nm)
midnightversion - -- Monday 11 February 2019, at 02:05 pm [ID# 1939246] [reply]
480ute icon NEW: And let y'all just spew bull$#!+ unchecked?
480ute - -- Monday 11 February 2019, at 07:19 pm [ID# 1939282] [reply]
SforkUte icon NEW: There is nothing good about the Grammys. (nm)
SforkUte - -- Monday 11 February 2019, at 01:17 pm [ID# 1939238] [reply]
o NEW: LOL. Did you just admit to watching the Grammy's? (nm)
P-Worm - -- Tuesday 12 February 2019, at 08:34 am [ID# 1939316] [reply]
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