RE: Its not an either/or. Trump's shutdown threat is a bluff. Pelosi has already called that bluff. Today: "There will not be any wall money in the legislation."

Posted By: Charlie
Date: Thursday 31 January 2019, at 11:09 am

I agree, Trump cares too much about himself and the wall. Equally, Pelosi cares more about herself and hating Trump then she cares about the wall. Actually, Trump has been bad for the movement to stop illegal immigration. Before Trump we was much more in agreement over that issue which helps validate this hissy fit theory.

But the wall is just the symptom. The underling question relates to amnesty for economic refugees. Border control may not be limited to preventing documented dangerous people. It may include access for specific needs such as agriculture or construction workers while limited access for people not meeting a need. Democrats could help by becoming clear that they understand that are limits to refugee immigration and limits to care for people before there is a determination that they should enter. Without an agreed plan for legal immigration, we will see endless emotional issues like the wall eat away at us. In the end, we have to have policy that benefits and is agreed by the majority of Americans. Without it, stopping the wall is incredibly shortsighted and we will move onto the next fight.

If I was an enemy of America, I would hope that either Trump or Pelosi win this in dramatic fashion and pray that they don’t sit down and come to an agreed compromise. I wish more people viewed compromise as the goal.
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