Family friends of mine had to decide how to deal with 2 separate babies who had severe deformities in the womb such that they would not survive outside. The first one had a poorly formed skull such that the brain was growing outside and thus would

Posted By: GUBA
Date: Thursday 31 January 2019, at 08:49 am
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not survive childbirth. The other child had a poorly formed chest and part of the heart and lungs were forming partially outside. They faced the choice of carrying to term and not having the babies survive or aborting and delivering earlier to spare physical and emotional anguish. It was a terrible experience. They opted to abort but the decision was not easy. They occurred after 24 weeks which would make them outside the law that many advocate. Every time there is a debate about abortion I think about my friends and what they went through and I can't imagine anyone else telling them what they could or couldn't do with these pregnancies.

I find late term healthy abortions to be absolutely abhorrent. I can't imagine how they might come to that decision. At the same time I think those who face severe health issues need to have access to some options.
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