This is all aside the point that this is generalization and fear mongering.

Posted By: mokus
Date: Thursday 31 January 2019, at 08:44 am
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Late term abortion is about danger to the mom or the fetus. 99% of late term abortions are for these reasons. This is not about irresponsible whores. But here are these groups who use this issue and clump it in with anything having to do with abortion as a scare tactic to get abortion 100% illegal. Libs can argue all they want about mom's rights over their bodies and whatever, but they are losing the argument if they don't cover this point. If late term abortions are not legal, pro-life moms can die, women who never wanted or would have had an abortion would die. Women will die because something they fought against their whole life would be illegal. And that is beyond dumb.
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