This is reality and probably won’t go over well here

Posted By: The Thrill
Date: Wednesday 30 January 2019, at 09:56 pm
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But let me put this into context you can understand. Unwanted fetuses who become babies become unwanted babies. Unwanted children. Unwanted adults.

Forcing some people to keep an accident is forcing many into a life of hate and poverty. The very people that republicans despise. How many people on welfare are so because they kept a child they couldn’t care for? It’s ironic really that anti-abortion people are the same group who despise the welfare American.

You want to quell the people abusing the welfare system? Stop a few more burdens on society from ever reaching birth. I’m not saying everybody on welfare came from an unwanted pregnancy and should’ve been aborted but there is a large portion of our population who are unwanted. Who cares for them after they’re born? We do. Who cares for them as adults? We do.

Get your religious ethics out of the picture and start thinking about what’s best for society. Every mother who goes through pain and stress of an abortion is doing so knowing well that it’s the best thing for them, their family, even the baby. Sure, most would say living is better than dead, well there are a lot of people who hate their lives and wish they were never born at all. Why bring them into something they’ll spend their entire life hating? Is that really a better option for all of us?

This is not just America, this is the world.
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