"because you don't want to nut up and raise him or her."

Posted By: Newbomb Turk
Date: Wednesday 30 January 2019, at 09:26 pm
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Not here, but I hear all the time "how many illegals are you libtards going take into your house, if you want them here so bad" regarding immigration.

I could pose the same question to the pro-lifers. How many unwanted children are you going to adopt?

This is one of those issues that doesn't affect me, but it affects many others in profound ways (both born and unborn), so I care about it.

And for you jhill - the difference here for me between this and inheritance tax is that the inheritance tax doesn't affect me, and it only affects the uber rich (who will still be uber rich after being taxed), which is why I don't care how it affects them.

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