What you say is filled with lies.

Posted By: UtahFanSir
Date: Saturday 12 January 2019, at 10:00 am
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The Democrats want effective border security. They approved fencing a decade ago with less than completely effective results. The Democrats have approved funding (even for further barrier support) in a bill that Republicans and later Trump agreed to and then after the likes of Sean Hannity got involved Trump reneged.

Trump is not operating in good faith. If I were a Democrat negotiating with Trump, I would not trust him or believe anything he says. I was a negotiator for international business deals for a decade in power generation. Trump is not a good negotiator and he has proven that in spades.

When Trump is willing to discuss options, not walk out of meetings as a stunt because the Democrats did not give him carte blanche, then progress is possible.

Trump's affection for the wall is a meme, a slogan. How he came to say he would build a wall that Mexico would pay for was the work on his political strategists. Trump now knows his core base, folks such as yourself, love the idea. And that is why he keeps on with it. Now he is dug in because he can't lose face. For him the negotiation is "I win, you lose."

Border guards have been telling experts for years what they want. It is not a wall that stretches 2000 miles. Some sections do need to be bolstered. If you were willing to do some work, you will see that and you would see what they think are priorities.

The Democrats don't want a monument to a stupid idea, they want what is effective to curb illegal immigration. They don't want to waste our tax money on a chant.

On this site has been posted already the fact that most Americans are not in favor of a border wall. That is a verifiable fact. Research shows that E-verify for business, a form of which is on the books now as a law passed in 1986, is one of the top ways to curb illegal immigration. This business tool to prevent hiring illegals goes unenforced. It has been proven that Hispanics commit crimes at a lower rate than the general US population. It has been proven that many illegals are overstaying visas; they did not cross the border in the night. It has been proven that airports are a weak link. The list goes on...

Yet you persist with the same stupid lies.

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