So you own a store and you are experiencing a lot of theft, and you suspect it is because people are coming in the back and walking out with stuff... what do you do?

Posted By: Rocker Ute
Date: Friday 11 January 2019, at 11:08 pm
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Well of course you would up the security in the back of the store, better locks, maybe a gate so only your delivery trucks get in, right?

But theft keeps happening.

So you build a taller fencer with barbed wire on top and install security cameras.

But the theft keep happening still.

So you set up some cameras, and discover that people aren't really stealing from the back, they are shoplifting right out the front door, and some side doors too. Also your employees are stealing too.

So your solution to those findings? Change that back fence into an even taller concrete wall? Stupid decision. You need to do things to address the other areas you are actually experiencing theft.

Same with the country when it comes to illegal immigration and crime coming across the border.

The reason I am opposed to a complete wall is because:

1. We already have walls and fences in critical spots
2. There are cheaper and more effective ways to secure our border including cameras, drones and upping border patrol
3. The majority of crime coming into the country are coming through our ports and other legal means. So we need better screening, etc. spend the money there.

So the reason people are opposed to the wall is it is a WASTE OF TIME AND RESOURCES, it won't be effective and those resources can be used elsewhere to make an actual difference.

Building Trump's wall will be, by definition, a monument to our stupidity.

It isn't that hard to understand.
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