RE: Heh, Trump visits border patrol and they show him a picture of a tunnel under existing border wall a few miles from where they are. Odds of that fact changing anything for Trump and his supporters: 0%

Posted By: Charlie
Date: Friday 11 January 2019, at 01:48 pm
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It is not the wall, it is the immigration laws. We need to enforce existing laws. We probably need to adjust amnesty criteria to not include a simple desire for something better. Since more want to come than is reasonable, surly there should be a merit system rather than first come. There is no reason to think that if you break the law to enter the country that will be the last time you will break the law to improve your life. Legal immigration takes time but is not difficult at all, so many have. The immigration process must meet our needs not the needs of the world collectively. It is like curing world hunger, we do what we can to help but we need to choose the level of help not those desiring help.

Building a wall to keep people from breaking the law instead of enforcing the law is like towing parked cars to prevent DUIs and not enforcing laws when caught drunk driving. Imagine that strategy in many other areas.
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