"If there's a correlation of .1%" = "I have no idea what I'm talking about but at least it sounds scientific"

Posted By: UtahFan from Germany
Date: Friday 11 January 2019, at 02:26 am
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Take some statistics terminology ("correlation"), throw in an arbitrary number (".1%"), and et voila - some impressive gibberish.

As said before, you just try to stir the pot. Your usual modus operandi is to present some controversial article or video or statement, often with harmless subject lines like "Hm" or "Interesting" or "Something to think about". When somebody calls you out, your usual response is "I don't know" or "I made no claims" and that you're only interested in "investigating" or "discovering the truth".

That's classic stuff straight from the troll handbook, just like your usual defensive tactics. Which include among others calling for more evidence when somebody presents evidence that contradicts your talking points (then calling for even more evidence and then for massively more evidence), or trying to debase the credibility of an argument by questioning the personal motives of the other side.

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