I had a neighbor growing up who was crippled from polio and a friend in South America also crippled from it. Also, a family member had his nipple bitten off by an autistic teenager for whom he provided home health care. The tragedy of disease

Posted By: Zeous
Date: Thursday 10 January 2019, at 09:24 pm

is irrelevant so far as discovery of truth and problem solving goes. Many diseases have been wonderfully curbed if not completely eradicated, and others have sprung up.

What's the issue here? If there's a correlation of .1% (or whatever it is, if there is any at all) then isn't that worth knowing and dealing with?

I'm interested in resolving contradictions. Fearing a zombie apocalypse because everyone might stop getting vaccines if there's some small subset of children who develop autism is irrational.

Progress can not happen without truth and adults who dominate their emotions sufficient to reason well enough to solve problems.

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