Two scenarios that I think this wall B.S. is about.

Posted By: BulgieUte
Date: Thursday 10 January 2019, at 06:05 pm
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The first one is the most likely. Trump doesn't want to get this wall built in his first term. He might not care if it ever gets built but it would be best for him to campaign for a second term in 2020 on the promise to his base that he will continue to fight for the wall and convince them he can win.

The second scenario is a bit of a conspiracy theory I have that Trump intentionally raised the cost of building materials through tariffs so he could partner with the steel and construction industries to drive up the costs and pocket millions on kick backs. Why else would he impose the tariffs before he pushed so hard for the wall? It would have been way cheaper to build the wall without the extra costs the tariffs have created.

Also, I laugh a little every time somebody says declare an emergency. It just sounds funny, you don't declare an emergency, either it's an emergency or it's not.
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