The company had cost plus contracts so they wouldn't let us fire anyone unless there was bullet-proof documentation.

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Date: Thursday 10 January 2019, at 04:09 pm
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I had another dope working for me at the rocket ranch. I couldn't pawn him off on anyone. He was a real idiot. He actually parked in the far end of the parking lot to save money on gas.

Anyway, I had been torturing him for 6 months or so, documenting every thing in hopes of firing his ass. We got a huge RFP (proposal) to work. I was the book boss on the cost volumes. I put my idiot on travel, the least risky and most insulting assignment. There was over 100 folks working on the proposal. We worked about 10 months on the proposal & spent several million putting it together.

The day after we turned it into the print shop, my idiot gave me two weeks notice. I asked him if he had another job. And, sure enough, he did, with Thiokol, our only competitor on the giant program. I called security and two security guys marched my idiot off to HR. They made him sit in a conference room alone. After a couple hours they marched him back to his cubicle to clean it out. They wouldn't let him log into his computer. Then they marched him back to the HR conference room. They yelled at him about intellectual property, and theft, and threatened him and his offspring with doom if he told Thiokol anything, especially how much our bids were (it was over a $billion just to calibrate). He was crying by the time they threw him out and told him to get the hell off the company's property.

The $#!+ hit the fan up the org chart. The division president was convinced my idiot gave away our proposal secrets. No one believed me when I assured them he was an idiot and only had access to travel estimates. The division president was so upset he had chest pains and they hauled him off to the hospital. He survived.

We won the program.
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