It might not surprise you that I don't entirely agree

Posted By: MinnesotaUte
Date: Thursday 10 January 2019, at 03:58 pm

I don't think the demand for undocumented workers is the demand I'm referring to, it's more the demand of individuals for a life better than the one they are offered in their native land. In order to do what you propose, it means more government intervention and more prohibition which leads you right back down the government rabbit hole. Meaning more money for enforcement arms that don't achieve what you set out to do. How much money are we willing to put into that prosecution? Who are you going to jail? CEO, CFO, COO, VP HR? Who is really checking up on whether the SS number presented is real or borrowed? Does the government really have that great of an ability to determine who is actually illegal and who isn't? And even if they do, do the employers have access to that same info?

Sounds to me like another simple sounding solution that isn't nearly as simple as it sounds. As long as their countries are $#!+ty, they'll come here. Even if theoretically you could prosecute corporations or even small businesses that hire illegal workers, that doesn't mean they still won't come to work for cash, day labor, work in businesses under the table within migrant communities. This is yet another problem that can't be solved by punishing businesses, as much as liberals always find that to be a convenient and popular solution.
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