The Remarkable Longevity of University of Utah Football Coaches.

Posted By: The Stadium Pooper
Date: Thursday 10 January 2019, at 03:33 pm

Urban Meyer
Ron McBride
Jim Fassel
Chuck Stobart
Wayne Howard
Tom Lovat
Bill Meek
Mike Giddings
Ray Nagel
Jack Curtice
Ike Armstrong

Ike Armstrong will always be Utah's greatest football coach. Thirteen conference championships and a .700 win percentage. Nobody will ever touch that. He started coaching at the U in the 20s.

Other than Ike, Jack Curtice, and Bill Meek, the rest of Utah's former head coaches are all still alive. Really quite remarkable. People joke about taking Ludwig back or Jim we could hire Mike Giddings if we wanted to, former Head Coach from the 60s.
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