RE: One of the biggest problems that Trump has, if not created, exacerbated is that there is no room for common sense on this matter anymore.

Posted By: Charlie
Date: Thursday 10 January 2019, at 12:48 pm

Trump is way too focused on the wall. Even though it was an election promise, the promise also was we were not to pay for it. He has made it personal.

The Dems all have supported border security in the past, because it is needed. They can’t possibly let Trump have a victory. Schumer and Pelosi have also made it personal.

Yes it is 5B but that is a very tiny percent of the budget. If approved there are so many broken parts of the fence that surly it is generally money well spent. That is not to say the entire border; certainty the river centerline will not have a wall. If it is forever refused, the money saved, in the big picture is tiny. Why do the two sides want to die on this hill?

As the Chinese and Russians watch us, surly they should not feel they need to beat us militarily or economically. They can be patient and let us eat ourselves. To move it along they can easily sow a little discord because we are so hungry for conflict we are perfectly happy to make ourselves the enemy when another is not handy enough.

Could we simply provide 5B to improve southern border security and allow those people in those roles to determine how to spend it? Some wall, some whatever. Now if you really want to make us safer, I would prefer that we get cybersecurity under control. Sadly, that may be beyond the understanding of these people in their 70s in government.

Our problem is not the wall. That solved it will be the next thing Trump proposes. Consider the depth ceiling coming in March. Our problem is an inability to work together, inability to compromise and try to cover everyone’s concerns a bit. We can’t even trust our leaders or media to accurately describe a single meeting. The asinine part of all this is so many that think it is the fault of just one side. The extremes on both sides is our problem going forward. I think.
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