One problem is that we refuse to acknowledge that there are some problems that can't be 'solved' by simple intervention.

Posted By: MinnesotaUte
Date: Thursday 10 January 2019, at 11:56 am
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As an economics nerd, my biggest frustration is that the vast majority of people will not look at incentives that work on the individual level, and how that drives behavior and trends on the systemic or group level.

I see the wall as virtually no different than the war on drugs. It is a means of enforcing a prohibition. And what we've seen since time immemorial is that supply/demand and self interest are fundamental concepts that provide the incentive framework at an individual level creating choices and actions that supersede and overwhelm all attempts to by governments and other organizations to intervene and change outcomes.

The wall will not stop illegal immigration. Human desire and innovation will overcome any barrier, control, or intervention that man can devise as long as the place they come from does not provide an opportunity that is of sufficient quality to surpass the effort and cost to come to america. That best you can hope for is that it raises the effort and cost to a significant degree to move the cost/benefit line. But as we seen over and over, the market will work to reset that line by devising methods that bring the equation back to a simple comparison of differing outcomes.

In other words, the Coyotes will find a way to make it easy for people to immigrate illegally as long as there is an american dream to sell to people whose home countries have nothing remotely comparable to offer.
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