One of the biggest problems that Trump has, if not created, exacerbated is that there is no room for common sense on this matter anymore.

Posted By: Rocker Ute
Date: Thursday 10 January 2019, at 08:44 am
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To pretend that this is the greatest issue our country faces and it has only one solution is false. Also to pretend that it isn't an issue at all and the people crossing are solely an asset to our country is also false, but that is nearly how we've entrenched ourselves.

He rightfully points out that all past presidents have addressed this subject and concern and it actually IS a problem for all Americans.

I would agree that the majority of people crossing are just people looking for better opportunity and a chance at earning a living. No doubt there is crime that comes from it but likely no different than the rest of the population and some studies indicate that it might be a little less because of the fear of deportation. But let's not worry about that now... there are some real humanitarian and economic issues involved with illegal immigration.

First of all, people crossing put their lives at risk doing this. I'm sure 480 can attest, living in a border state, that there are pretty frequent stories of people dying in the desert, and people stranded in trucks who die from the elements, etc. Many of these people suffer and die because of unscrupulous criminals who take advantage of them with the promise of crossing the border. So we have an obligation to protect our borders to protect life.

Next, for those who do make it here and do work there are some significant positives and also significant negatives. Most do work that few Americans are willing to do and that helps keep costs down. But they put strain on things like our hospitals and schools and other social services as they use them but don't contribute to them because they don't pay taxes and don't have insurance. Hospitals provide billions of dollars of unpaid service through their emergency rooms, because they lawfully can't turn anyone away, which cost gets transferred to everyone else.

I'm not saying that we shouldn't provide care or access to education or whatever else to these people but it is a legitimate problem that needs to be addressed that costs us all.

GWB has a plan that was equally panned by both sides that to me indicates it was probably a pretty good idea. He wanted to implement an amnesty and easy worker visa program that would allow people to come and work for a couple of years at a time, at which they would need to return home and apply again - which wouldn't be a big deal to do. The idea is that then we could know who was here, could regulate what was going on, collect taxes to support their use of our social services while providing cheap labor to the industries that need it.

Now no doubt the wall is stupid and pointless and a waste of money and I support the democrats in not acquiescing to Trump's foolishness. Most of his claims about illegal immigration are solely designed to stoke fears and are based on his and many of his followers inherent racism.

But on the other side pretending like this is a non issue or that we should open the borders is nearly as ridiculous. Yet nobody can talk anymore about the legitimate issues, some of which I've mentioned above, because it is more important to be right that do what is right.
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