You see the irony of asking me to get educated by Jimey Kimel (sp?) right?

Posted By: UTE BC
Date: Thursday 10 January 2019, at 08:15 am

I don’t actually watch any news program - find them all to be phony’s. I do read and follow several people/sources that I think are credible. And let’s be clear and honest I have routinely criticized Trump. However in today’s world that doesn’t matter. It “us” vs “them” mentality. If you come down on one side of an issue you must be “one of them”, because disagreements only prove how vastly more intellectual you are to your dumb blind sheep of a fellow citizen.

I suspect, by your board name, I am quite a bit older than you - I can tell you political disagreements were not always this way. I won’t point the finger at one side or the other but this is how they have become.
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