RE: Oh jeez! Bernie, AOC, etc. point to countries like Denmark, Sweden, etc. None of which are socialist. They're democracies that have socialized healthcare, college and a couple other smaller programs. Hence the term Democratic Socialist.

Posted By: Charlie
Date: Wednesday 9 January 2019, at 11:03 am

I am Scandinavian and love those countries. They are awesome to visit if you get the chance.

I also have dipped into a hospital there. This I would recommend for anyone that wants to develop an informed opinion about various healthcare options. First, the nurses are very friendly and would do anything for you. Next, doctors are scarce and the resources in general are very lacking. I was in a room with several men that had waited a very long time for attention. The building was very dated. And this was one of the very best hospitals in Scandinavia in Bergen. The bill for me was not a bargain, but this was probably because I was a foreigner.

I just need a bit of understanding to know that would be an upgrade. I wonder how many Scandinavians would consider a visit to a US hospital a downgrade. I wonder if there is more to this beyond if it is free it is better.
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