I've got an idea... why don't we let those who want the wall pay for the wall?

Posted By: Rocker Ute
Date: Wednesday 9 January 2019, at 07:28 am
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If 35% of likely voters want the wall that is about 47,250,000 people. Divide $5B by that and $110 each would be enough to fund it and put a few gaudy gold flourishes on it like you guys seem to appreciate. After all the wall must be beautiful as promised.

So, when you are filing taxes just check the box that you want the wall. Then $110 will be added to your taxes and we are done. I bet the money you make in the first year alone with all the new found jobs and drastic reduction in crime and terroism will make that money right back for you.

Normally I'm opposed to a tax on the stupid, and if you think nobody will actually check that box we can just start a national Trump lottery and tax the morons in the country that way. Everybody wins (by which I mean the way you "win" when it comes to Trump).

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