Again, who is being demonized exactly? I'm not seeing it in my daily life, other than the demonization of Mexican immigrants.

Posted By: 480ute
Date: Wednesday 9 January 2019, at 06:17 am

Discussing white privilege is facing a reality, not demonizing a race. We need to address certain inequalities in society if we ever want any sort of equity (as frail as that may be). One good thing I've seen from Americans is that when the pendulum starts to swing too far in either direction we have a tendency of making corrections.

If people start moving from claiming white privilege to passing legislation against whites or violently attacking whites (based on skin color) on a frequent basis then we can talk, but you're drawing from history without recognizing significant differences. Not all roads lead to the same place, even if they bare the ever so slightest of resemblances. You mask it by assuming we don't know as much as you on each topic, when the reality is that most of the time our perceptions are different.

I'm not a huge fan of political correctness, but quite possibly the least politically correct comic made me think when he said that he thought it was great because it has brought us some great civil and social equality wins. And, he too noted that we tend to know when to rein things back in. All this said, there are no absolutes in life, and your desire for me to prove the unprovable is taxing for me so I can't imagine how you carry on in daily life. Good luck, but I'm done. Claim victory, as you always do.
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