There's a huge difference between recognizing a fault in a system, and fingering a group of people as a cancer.

Posted By: 480ute
Date: Tuesday 8 January 2019, at 08:41 pm

There are inherent racist elements to some of our institutions. There is also an amount of leeway given to members of certain races, as a whole, over others in some instances. Acknowledging this isn't tantamount to laying the groundwork for the next holocaust. It's accepting the fact that we have issues that need to be resolved, and working together to mend them.

I know that in your head we have already made white men the enemy, but that's just not reality. Honestly, are your daily interactions with minority groups and liberals peppered with hateful rhetoric toward your kind? I've actually had less racism directed at me the past twenty years or so, but I've seen a whole lot more being directed at people of color. I've only lived in AZ, UT, CA, and NV during that period, so maybe it's a real issue elsewhere?
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