RE: Yesterday, I mentioned Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in a post that really had nothing to do with her, but rather focused on a piece of advice given to her.

Posted By: Charlie
Date: Tuesday 8 January 2019, at 08:32 pm
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I am not GOP but also not Dem. I very much do not like the way Trump behaves and looks to divide us. I have more a problem about how he goes about things than I do about the direction he takes on many issues. Other issues, like NATO the budget, he is completely uneducated (our small NATO partners greatest value is they are not Russian satellites, not what they spend). But that is Trump and we just need to get to the next election to improve on that.

As it relates to healthcare, I would much rather hear from someone with good experience about how it works to know how to change it. Not much interested it what someone has to say that has not even worked in the industry. But it scares me to hear someone so sure of their ideas when they come from zero experience. If you were having trouble getting your car to run, even had a mechanic goof it up, would you turn to a waitress for help? Or would you try to find a better mechanic? Why can’t we find an expert in healthcare even in a for profit healthcare industry?

We often complain about what we get and how much healthcare costs. Do we really know much about other healthcare systems? First aid care is good in many countries but I wonder about the complex stuff. If you go to MD Andersen in Houston, you will see folks from all over the world, even socialist countries, so very glad to have a chance to come here to save their life. Why not stay home? But I do see better deals for routine things like dental work in Mexico and Asia. I just think we are closer to the top in healthcare than we think. I much prefer incremental changes to starting over. One incremental change could be universal care for first aid type injury and preventive care. That would be a nice step. Limit malpractice claims to less than winning the lottery and cover preexisting conditions is also good. And thank you Obama for stopping canceled insurance due to the insured getting sick.
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