RE: FLASHBACK: 2008 Democratic Party Platform Calls For More ‘Infrastructure’ Walls On The Border, More Agents

Posted By: WSUute
Date: Tuesday 8 January 2019, at 08:00 pm
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I can do it too, isn't it fun?

Look, Ute fan to Ute fan, I get it, I'm not going to convince you that Trump is a moron and you are never going to convince me that a wall is a good idea. Politicians flip flop constantly, is that bad? Have you every made a decision or choice and later regret it? So if you realize later that a decision you made at one point in your life isn't a good one and change your mind, that is hypocrisy? What is called making an informed decision based on best current evidence.

Was the fence vote in 2006 a good idea? has it directly lead to less illegal immigration/drugs/violence? NO
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