And those countries are failing. So... what's the point again?

Posted By: Zeous
Date: Tuesday 8 January 2019, at 06:51 pm

The EU is an unelected dictatorship, not a democracy, and the people in its vassal states have virtually no say. Thus Brexit, yellow vests, and surely more to come.

You know who else had universal health care and social programs? Plantations in the ante-bellum south.

I got word today that a close personal relation is leaving the wonderful world of socialized medicine in Paris because they don't trust the service they'll get there for a serious procedure. Instead, they are going to come here in spite of the costs (not just financial), where there's some bit of choice remaining.

Fantasy in the mind doesn't always play out the way one thinks in the real world. Refer back to the "bliss" of Nazi Germany and the "worker's paradise" of Soviet gulags and death camps. No thanks.
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