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Obama to coal miners. Miss me yet??

Posted By: FlyfishingUte
Date: Tuesday, January 8, 2019 at 11:53 am

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o NEW: Obama to coal miners. Miss me yet??
FlyfishingUte - -- Tuesday 8 January 2019, at 11:53 am [ID# 1935909] [reply]
UtahFanSir icon NEW: Miss me yet?
UtahFanSir - -- Tuesday 8 January 2019, at 12:26 pm [ID# 1935911] [reply]
tarheelio icon NEW: The coal closures were set in motion years ago, mostly due to EPA changes made in 2012. It is a good thing that we should credit Obama for, rather than blame Trump for. (nm)
tarheelio - -- Tuesday 8 January 2019, at 01:05 pm [ID# 1935920] [reply]
pangloss icon NEW: New methods of extracting natural gas (fracking) at much lower costs killed coal. The fact that it is cleaner and emits less carbon is a secondary benefit.
pangloss - -- Tuesday 8 January 2019, at 01:47 pm [ID# 1935933] [reply]
Puget Ute icon NEW: We are a good energy storage process away(e.g. widespread installation of Tesla's Powerwall) from being able to use solar for a very high percentage of our electricity needs. Will still need NG turbines for peak load (since they start fast).
Puget Ute - -- Tuesday 8 January 2019, at 03:17 pm [ID# 1935944] [reply]
o NEW: didn't Trump roll back the 2012 EPA regs to save coal??? (nm)
FlyfishingUte - -- Tuesday 8 January 2019, at 02:07 pm [ID# 1935935] [reply]
96GradAlum icon NEW: Yes and host of other regulations that keep our environment clean. I'll bet all those West Virginia miners are rolling in the dough with their new coal jobs though ... oh wait. (nm)
96GradAlum - -- Tuesday 8 January 2019, at 02:33 pm [ID# 1935939] [reply]
Puget Ute icon NEW: The irony of that process (and modernization in the power grid) is that more coal-fired plants have been decomissioned over the last 2 years than 8 years of the Obama admin. And that is undeniably a good thing (sorry, coal miners...).
Puget Ute - -- Tuesday 8 January 2019, at 03:12 pm [ID# 1935943] [reply]
UtahFanSir icon NEW: I tried to find it, a post I made a few years ago on this topic... (loong)
UtahFanSir - -- Tuesday 8 January 2019, at 03:19 pm [ID# 1935945] [reply]
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