RE: You're missing the point.

Posted By: Charlie
Date: Monday 7 January 2019, at 10:20 pm

Yes, I do support a less divisive political climate. The socialist agenda clearly will not deliver that at all. She doesn’t lie, but then again she does not understand concepts of budgets or adding up the costs of her ideas. Rather than a bright-eyed optimist, how about someone that is just bright?

What are we, 320 million? How is it that we are more likely to find smarter people way down in the middle of the field in every line of work than we have at the top of government? Imagine some of our leaders taking simple assignments at your work. There is a reason they are not. We need to quit listening to people that promise something they don’t know anything about and have no success at. Want to give me ideas about healthcare? How about you tell me how you have actually solved problems a level or two below the assignment you are asking for.

Democrats very much need some leaders with good useful ideas to keep us moving ahead on social issues. To be successful and less divisive, those people will be much closer to the center than to Bernie.
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