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Posted By: SubstiUTE
Date: Monday, January 7, 2019 at 09:25 pm

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SubstiUTE icon NEW: Yep
SubstiUTE - Top 25 Poster -- Monday 7 January 2019, at 09:25 pm [ID# 1935869] [reply]
o NEW: According to Vanity Fair, trump did not know that a government shutdown meant the government would shut down. (short)
UteBrave - -- Monday 7 January 2019, at 10:02 pm [ID# 1935874] [reply]
UTE BC icon NEW: I can’t tell you how funny it is to learn you read Vanity Fair (nm)
UTE BC - -- Tuesday 8 January 2019, at 12:29 am [ID# 1935884] [reply]
o NEW: Ah, but I do read, which is more than can be said about trump.
UteBrave - -- Tuesday 8 January 2019, at 09:03 am [ID# 1935900] [reply]
480ute icon NEW: And that roughly 80% of illicit drugs come through legal ports of entry, yet his supporters eat up the lie that a wall will eliminate importation. (nm)
480ute - -- Tuesday 8 January 2019, at 08:24 am [ID# 1935896] [reply]
Red Don icon NEW: And that most of the illegal immigrants are here due to overstays on their visas. The number one offender....Canada. (nm)
Red Don - Top 25 Poster -- Tuesday 8 January 2019, at 12:52 pm [ID# 1935916] [reply]
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